Market FAQs

Shopify Holiday Market FAQs

Do I need to be an existing Shopify store owner?

Yes! This market is all about you - our local Waterloo Region Shopify merchants. We are so excited to see you!

What does it cost to rent a booth?

This one’s on us! We are proudly hosting this event at 95 King St in Waterloo and Project 220 in Kitchener. There is no charge to set up your booth.  

Okay, so what’s the catch. Why are you running this event? 

This is one of many new events Shopify is running in their communities to provide more in-person support and connections. 

Does filling out the form mean I’m in? 

We would like to have as much local participation as possible. Once we have received all applications, we will create a floor plan to figure out exactly how many vendors we can have, then we’ll be in touch to let you know!

What about internet? 

We've got you covered! We'll have free wifi available.

How will you be advertising?

Social media, postering, and promoting internally. 

That being said - each and everyone of you can help in getting people out! The best method in Waterloo Region is word of mouth, so please let friends & family know about the event as well. 

How much space do I have?

You will be provided with a 6 foot by 2.5 foot table.

How will visitors make purchases?

There is no ATM onsite. Cash is preferred but some vendors also accept credit and debit. 


Do I need to bring my own table?

No, we will be lending a table to each vendor. You will be responsible for set up, and tear down of your own product display on the table. 

What about chairs?

If you absolutely require a chair, please bring one with you - we will do our best to provide them if possible, though we are not able to guarantee chairs will be available.

When can I set up?

These details will be emailed to those selected. Because we have many different days available at two locations, some may differ in the timing. 


Is there parking? 

There is a paid parking lot under nearby both locations.

Where do I unload?

Unloading is done outside the building.

Do you have carts or dollies?

We do not. If you require one we recommend bringing your own (and labelling it)

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